Latest Patterns!

My latest patterns are all about the wall-hanging decor. Let’s check them out.

dinosaur crochet wall hanging

Relaxing Dinosaur

dog crochet wall hanging

Elegant Dog

bear crochet wall hanging

and more

Thank you so much for stopping by! Here at my shop, you will only find unique and cute-guarantee designs and patterns, those which I have put much love, time, and effort into creating, which you would not find anywhere, I believe. I hope you find them helpful and significant!
Thao Nguyen – aka Lennutas

My best sellers

These are my best-seller designs: Among Us collection, Yoga Animals Collection, Creepy Collection, and more…

among us mario amigurumi pattern
among us pikachu amigurumi
among us elf amigurumi pattern
yoga dinosaur amigurumi pattern
elephant amigurumi pattern
pig amigurumi pattern
animal amigurumi toys
animal amigurumi pattern
Besides making patterns, below are my

Other Work

I hope you find those helpful for you, though less or more. Click on the image to find out more.

Crochet KITS

I’m also selling crochet kits for beginners who are just getting started crocheting their first toys. > More

dinosaur crochet kit
creepy bunny amigurumi toy

Amigurumi Toys

selling finished products for those who want to have the toys which are made especially with my skilled hands. > More

Gifts for Crocheter

I’m also collecting and sharing gift ideas for crafters, especially crochet/amigurumi addicts, my friends in this handcraft industry. > More

yarn bowl
amigurumi crochet ideas

Free Patterns & Ideas

I’ve put much time into sharing free patterns and crochet ideas on my blog, you can feel free to visit and enjoy anytime. > More

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